Make Your Barbershop a Customer Magnet: Ways to Differentiate your Barber Shop

barber-shopBarber business, just like many other small businesses can succeed, but only after you have considered, evaluated and implemented a number of business ideas and strategies. And among these strategies, differentiating your business from others is the core one. Whether it’s the unique type of hair you will work on, the methodology you will use or the specific products you will use, making your barber shop unique will determine its success. The following are just but a few ideas and strategies to give your barber shop an advantage over of others.


Staffing is an important success factor in any kind of business because the type of staff you hire is important in terms of quality of services delivered. For instance, you should consider:

-Gender: you should hire both men and women because some customers prefer being served by a specific gender.

-Academic qualification: to outshine your competitors, you must deliver high quality services. Such services are only delivered by qualified and experienced staff.

-Age: youths in their twenties and thirties are preferable for a barbershop staff because of their activeness and working rate.


Once you have made your mind to start a barbershop, take some time and define your methodology. Choose the type of hair and the hairstyle you are going to specialize on and decide on the techniques and tools to be used. For example, you may choose to use traditional tools like straight razors or decide to offer different haircutting, styling, and coloring services for both men and women. Embracing a specific methodology will help differentiate your shop from others.

Hair Styles

The types of hairstyle you offer is another important way to distinguish your business. Different barbershops are known for their different hair styles such as classic cuts, military buzz cuts,and trendy younger men cuts. Select either of them and specialize in it. You could also provide alternative hairstyles like fades and Mohawks. Alternatively, you can choose to offer a wide range of facial haircut styles as their popularity grows.

Hair Products

Using high-quality products that most consumers can’t have access to whenever they visit local pharmaceutical and beauty shops is another factor. Similarly, make your barbershop environmental friendly by providing organic hair treatment and care products that contain all-natural ingredients.

Extra Services

The little things that you do can easily transform into special things if you take them seriously. Such extra services as brief shoulder and head massage, warming the shaving creams and offering a complimentary coffee can transform your barbershop into a customer magnet.


Most people don’t pay attention to the type of business signage for their businesses. Unbeknownst to them, a proper business signage with large, clear, and readable fonts,with directions will bring you many customers. Also, consider making illuminated flashing signs with very clear indications of hours of operation.


In the modern day highly competitive barber business, it’s your creativity that will help you. By choosing a unique business philosophy, product line, and hair cutting style, you give your shop the edge it needs to outshine your competitors and become a customer magnet


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