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June 2019
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Embroidery Meets The Guns

Embroidery is a traditional style of sewing which includes needlework and strands stitching from one material to another. Embroidery materials include thread, soft fabric, woven fabric, wool, leather, wire and any form of textile that you can think of. Hand embroidery is known for using a person bare hands to sew clothes, materials, casing, accessories and a whole lot more. There are several types of embroidery which paved the way for embroidery fashion around the world. There are also well-known embroidery projects that are posted on public places to appreciate art and passion for doing anything beautiful. Some of which include Bradford carpet, Croydon Centenary panel, Quaker tapestry, new forest embroidery, Thames Ditton Wallhanging and Greenwich Heritage panel. As fashion meets art, embroidery fashion has been the business of some entrepreneurs. It is all over the place and people are mostly supporting this sense of fashion. Even men are into embroidery because of its unique and creative appeal. The embroidery fashion style is taking over and many are into this sense now just by looking at some online sites.


Guns and Roses Gun shooters are members of the shooting sport. Shooting sport involves proficiency, speed and accuracy. One has to be fully equipped with focus and ability to understand being responsible when holding a gun. Shooting sports is most commonly categorized on the style of firearm, the aiming target and the longevity or distance of the pointer to the target. Gun shooters spend their time looking for the perfect gun for them and make sure that they purchase the right accessories and items to increase its power and serve as a bragging rights for them whenever they feel like having to. Guns are made of steal or metal so no wonder why shooting sports is a part of the Olympics as it it looks very classy and top of the line. Shooters purchase their accessories and create their own accessories to beautify and modify their precious item. One of which is the embroidery fashion style for gun shooters. If you visit any hunter’s site, you would find various options to accessorize their craft. As mentioned above, many people are working their way to embroidery fashion style and they use lots of materials to create one including leather. Most gun shooters go for the classic style of leather. If you have seen their leather boots like cowboys, you would immediately distinguish that they are gun shooters. Some gun shooters prefer design on their gun cases and bags to personalize their item. It creates a sense of ownership whenever they ask to put their name embroidered with simple stitches of flowers such as roses and lilies. Embroidery fashion style for gun shooters does not end on accessories alone as some would ask for their clothes to be embroidered for them to feel more relaxed while playing or shooting sport.

The sense of fashion for these may look a bit odd at first but one has to have an eye for detail and appreciate the uniqueness of embroidered materials. It is not easy to study the lines and stitches of embroidery. The stylish pieces of gun shooters that were made popular by them are just enough for the world to see how embroidery style has been passed on from one generation to another. These are just some of the new trends that people are expecting as we go to the millenium age of choosing which is more sensible and which is not.