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Welcome to The Shave

This page is dedicated to The Shave Beverly Hills. The Finest Men's Retail Shoppe in Los Angeles.
September 2023

Clip, Trim, and Shine: Mastering Modern Marketing for Your Barbershop

Building a winning barbershop business goes way beyond providing quality cuts and welcoming hospitality — you must also hone in on your marketing strategies. After all, if potential customers don’t know about you, they won’t be able to experience the magic that is your shop! But with so many different modern marketing techniques out there today, it can seem somewhat overwhelming trying to settle on which ones are right for you. Luckily, we’ve got the scoop for nailing this piece of your business puzzle: Clip, trim and shine – mastering modern marketing for your barbershop! We’ll give you step-by-step tutorials on how to use websites, email campaigns, social media posts and more – all aimed at helping make your shop stand out from the rest. So get ready to take notes because it’s time to take control of your barber shop’s branding and start conquering digital markets everywhere.

Upgrading the Barbershop Experience with Modern Technology

Going to the barbershop can be a relaxing and rejuvenating experience, but what if the experience could be upgraded even further with the help of modern technology? Imagine being able to schedule your appointment online, choose your preferred barber, and even provide them with inspirational photos through a barber shop’s app. Once you arrive, you could be greeted by a virtual assistant who’ll offer you a beverage and provide helpful suggestions for your haircut. During the service, virtual mirrors could offer a 360-degree view of your haircut, making sure every angle is perfect. With these technological advancements, a trip to the barbershop could become an even more enjoyable and personalized experience.

Shifting your Marketing Focus to Social Media Platforms

With the rise of social media, businesses across the world are shifting their marketing focus to these platforms in order to reach a larger audience. Social media has redefined the way we communicate, interact, and consume content, and it presents businesses with an unparalleled opportunity to connect with their target audience in a more personal and meaningful way. By leveraging social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn, businesses are able to build brand awareness, generate leads and drive sales by delivering relevant and engaging content that resonates with their target market. With billions of users and the ability to target specific demographics, social media platforms offer an effective way to promote your products and services and stay top-of-mind with your customers. As businesses continue to shift their marketing focus to social media, it’s clear that these platforms are a vital component of any comprehensive marketing strategy.

Creating Content that Connects with Your Customers

Creating content that resonates with your customers is more important than ever. With countless competitors vying for their attention, it can be challenging to create meaningful content that truly connects with your audience. However, by understanding their needs, preferences, and pain points, you can develop content that hits all the right notes. Whether it’s a blog post, social media update, or newsletter, your content should be engaging, informative, and relevant to your customers’ lives. By creating content that they value and enjoy, you can build trust and loyalty, fostering a long-term partnership that benefits both you and your customers. So, take the time to understand your customers and craft content that truly speaks to them.

Redefining How You Talk About Your Services

Handsome bearded man and attractive stylish barber are shaking hands and smiling, standing at the barbershop

It’s more important than ever to stand out in a crowded marketplace. One keyway to do this is by redefining how you talk about your services. Instead of using the same generic language as your competitors, try to find unique, descriptive words and phrases that truly capture the essence of what you offer. Whether you’re a freelance writer, a web developer, or a consultant, your clients will appreciate the extra effort you put into communicating the value you bring to the table. By using clear and compelling language, you can differentiate yourself and build a loyal following of satisfied customers. So take some time to really think about how you talk about your services and make sure you’re putting your best foot forward.

Building Community through Events and Engagement

Community is all about coming together and working towards a common goal. One of the key ways to build such a community is through events and engagement. These events can be anything from a charity fundraiser to a weekend street festival. By giving people a reason to come together, share stories, and bond over a common cause, we create a sense of belonging and camaraderie that is hard to find elsewhere. With more community events and activities, we can create a positive, supportive environment that encourages people to get involved, take action, and work towards a brighter future. So, let’s roll up our sleeves, get involved, and start building the communities we all want to see.

Crafting an Engaging Online Presence for Your Shop

Having a strong online presence is essential for any business to succeed. If you’re a shop owner, this means crafting an engaging online persona that showcases your products and attracts customers. There are several key elements to creating an impactful online presence, including utilizing social media platforms, optimizing your website for search engines, and creating high-quality content that connects with your audience. By focusing on these strategies, you can create an online presence that not only drives sales but also fosters lasting relationships with your customers. Whether you’re selling handmade crafts or unique vintage items, a thoughtfully crafted online presence can take your shop to new heights.

Increasing Visibility through Targeted Ads and SEO Strategies

In a world where competition is fierce and online presence is everything, increasing visibility through targeted ads and SEO strategies has become crucial for businesses of all sizes. With so many companies vying for attention, it can be difficult to rise above the noise and get noticed. That’s where targeted ads and SEO come in. Through a combination of paid and organic tactics, businesses can tailor their message to specific audiences and increase their visibility in search engine results. By targeting the right people at the right time, companies can drive traffic to their websites, generate leads, and ultimately increase sales. Of course, it takes more than just throwing money at ads or keywords to see results. A well-planned strategy that includes thorough research, creative messaging, and ongoing optimization is key to success. But for those willing to put in the work, the benefits can be immense.

Things to remember when marketing online.

When it comes to marketing online, there are a few key things to remember. First and foremost, you want to make sure that your message resonates with your audience. Make sure that the content you create is relevant, engaging, and informative. Also, don’t forget to protect yourself from cybercrime. Get the best identity theft protection services and keep your data secure. Finally, have patience. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither will your business. It takes time to see results, so don’t get discouraged if it doesn’t happen overnight. With the right strategies, you can build a successful online presence that drives sales and fosters relationships with your customers for years to come.

All in all, by integrating the right technology and focusing on creative marketing initiatives, barbershop owners can provide an unforgettable experience to their customers like never before. Now is the time for shop owners to rethink and create a strategy that will differentiate them from the competition. Start small but don’t be afraid to think big. Think outside of the box and find unique ways to engage with your clients. Embrace social media, craft quality content, and take advantage of SEO strategies to give your barber shop maximum visibility. Ultimately, creating all these elements together will help your business grow and thrive in today’s digital age. Take action now by implementing these new tips and you will see great success for your business!

The Best Long Hairstyles For Men

If you’re looking to grow out your hair and want to know which styles will look good on you, then read on for the top ten best long hairstyles for men! From man buns to braids, there’s something for everyone on this list. So whether you have curly or straight hair, there’s a style here that will suit you.

1. The Man Bun

The man bun has been a popular style for a few years now and it shows no signs of going away anytime soon. It’s a great style for those with long, thick hair as it keeps it out of your face and looks very stylish. To get the look, simply tie your hair up into a bun at the top of your head. You can wear it neat or messy, depending on your preference.

2. The Top Knot

The top knot is similar to the man bun but instead of tying your hair at the back of your head, you tie it at the top. This is a great style for those with thinning hair as it gives the illusion of a fuller head of hair. To get the look, simply tie your hair into a knot at the top of your forehead.

3. The Braided Man Bun

This is a stylish twist on the man bun. Instead of just tying your hair up, you braid it before tying it into a bun. This is a great style for those with thicker hair as it keeps it under control and looks very stylish. To get the look, simply braid your hair before tying it into a bun at the back of your head.

4. The Side Swept

This is a classic style that has been around for years. It’s a great style for those with thinning hair as it gives the illusion of a fuller head of hair. To get the look, simply sweep your hair to one side and secure it with a product.

5. The Quiff

The quiff is a very popular style at the moment. It’s a great way to style your hair if you have thicker hair as it can be tricky to style thinner hair into a quiff. To get the look, simply backcomb your hair at the front and sweep it to one side.

6. The Undercut

The undercut is a style that has been growing in popularity in recent years. It’s a great way to add texture and interest to your hair. To get the look, simply shave the sides of your head and leave the top longer.

7. The Textured Cut

The textured cut is a great style for those with thicker hair. It’s a versatile style that can be worn neat or messy, depending on your preference. To get the look, simply ask your barber to cut your hair with a textured finish.

8. The Messy Look

The messy look is a great style for those with thicker hair. It’s a casual style that can be worn every day. To get the look, simply let your hair dry naturally and then tousle it up with your fingers.

9. The Side Part

The side part is a classic style that has been around for years. It’s a great way to add interest and texture to your hair. To get the look, simply part your hair to one side and then style it as usual.

10. The Comb Over

The comb-over is a classic style that has been around for years. It’s a great way to add interest and texture to your hair. To get the look, simply comb your hair over to one side and then style it as usual.

These are just some of the many long hairstyles for men that are available. So if you’re looking to grow out your hair, then be sure to try one of these styles. You won’t be disappointed!

Top 5 Low Maintenance Haircuts for Men

When it comes to haircuts, low maintenance doesn’t have to mean boring. There are a number of stylish cuts that can be easily maintained with minimal effort. Here are five of the best low-maintenance haircuts for men:

1. The Crew Cut: A classic cut that is easy to style and requires little upkeep.

2. The Buzz Cut: Ideal for those who want a no-fuss hairstyle that is easy to maintain.

3. The Ivy League: A slightly more sophisticated take on the crew cut, the Ivy League is perfect for those who want a sharp look with minimal effort.

4. The Textured Cut: A great option for those with thicker hair, the textured cut is easy to style and looks great with minimal effort.

5. The Side Part: A classic look that can be easily achieved with a comb and a little styling product. The side part is perfect for those who want a polished look with minimal effort.

So, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance haircut that still looks sharp and stylish, check out one of these five options. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect cut for your hair type and styling preferences. Thanks for reading!

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Are There Any Advantages of Putting Up a Barbershop and Restaurant Together

Running a barbershop and restaurant together can be a profitable venture. There are many benefits to running these two businesses together because you will have the best of both worlds-a restaurant with people coming in for food and drinks and a barbershop already established with customers.

This is a good way for one business to help the other grow, and it’s one place where both businesses really “feed” off of each other.

The barbershop and restaurant can exist as separate entities, but it would be beneficial to combine the two. You can even run your barbershops and restaurants in different locations, but the main thing is that you’re opening them at the same time. The benefits of running a barbershop and restaurant will help both businesses grow.

Here are some of those significant advantages:

  1. Your business will have more opportunities for growth because there will be more people coming through your doors every day to spend money and enjoy themselves. With a popular restaurant and well-renowned barbershop, there’ll always be new people coming in who may become regular customers.
  2. You won’t have to worry about hiring or managing additional employees for each business. They’ll be able to run the business together successfully so you won’t have to find more workers for each company unless you really want to.
  3. Your barbershop and restaurant will bring in similar customers, people who are going out on a Friday or Saturday night, looking for a good meal and a relaxing place to enjoy themselves. There’re other opportunities as well if your barbershop can provide services such as haircuts during lunch hours.
  4. The employees from both businesses can cross-train with each other’s products/services which means they will become more valuable employees because they know how the other side of the shop operates too. This way, there’ll be fewer mistakes throughout the day especially when one employee is working at both the restaurant and the barbershop at the same time.
  5. Running a restaurant and barbershop together will give you more opportunities for growth because your customers will be asking for certain products or services in both places. You’ll have to find ways how to work it out so everyone’s happy and satisfied with their food and haircuts/shaves.

Putting up the business

There are many people who would like to try running a business but they don’t know where to start – well, this is one way of doing it without having to take too much risk or spending too much money at first.

You can use your savings as initial capital then put up your restaurant and barbershop near each other, perhaps even sharing some facilities such as parking space if possible.

Things you need when putting up a barber business

The first thing you need to do when putting up a barber business is get the proper licenses. These are necessary to ensure that your shop will not be put to shame for any violations.

However, there’re also other things you will need for this business- mainly marketing and promotion. You’ll need to establish your branding and then promote it by marketing it through social media, word of mouth, or even advertising campaigns in the local paper.

You’ll have to have good equipment for your barbershop which includes all the essentials such as towels, blow dryers, clippers, combs, straight razors, scissors, trimmers, aprons and so much more. These are mostly easy things to buy but don’t skimp on them because they’re an investment in your business too.

The most important thing to remember, however, is that you will have to learn how to run a barbershop effectively before you can open one up for customers. You don’t want there to be problems such as disorganization or slack on the job so it’s best if you ask help from other people who’ve been running their own barbershops successfully.

Things you need when starting a restaurant business

There are many things to consider when putting up a restaurant business, especially if you’re not sure where to start. Some of these considerations are licenses, equipment, and staff/training.

For a restaurant, it’s important to have a proper ventilation system to ensure that you cook in a clean and safe environment. You’ll also need to invest in quality cooking utensils and equipment. For instance, if you intend on smoking sausages and meat, consider getting the best pellet grill and smoker.

Ensure you buy smokers that can easily meet your restaurant’s needs. For example, choose a smoker based on how often you want to use it and whether you’ll prioritize high-temperature meals over low-temperature ones. Suppose you’ll focus more on beef; you’ll need to cook until it is brown.

You must know these things so you can make an informed decision when choosing your equipment:

  • Quality of food cooked
  • Time for cooking and smoking meat
  • Ease of use and maintenance

You need to maintain proper hygiene standards in your restaurant. This includes keeping your utensils clean, having clean tables and chairs, as well as having enough glasses for water and drinks.

Also, consider hiring good staff such as waiters and cooks who can ensure that customer orders are fulfilled quickly and accurately.

Having customers waiting for too long can affect their moods which may result in a negative review for your restaurant.

While a point is to make a profit in this business, it’s also important to remember that you need to please your customers by providing them with the same level of service every time they visit your restaurant.

So before opening up a restaurant and barbershop near each other, consider all these things first so you’ll have an easier time when running both businesses together.

Cropped image of handsome bearded man getting haircut by hairdresser at the barbershop

In summary, if you want to put up two or more businesses in order to maximize opportunities for growth then putting up a barbershop and restaurant together may be the right thing for you.

However, make sure that you are ready for this because running two businesses at once be very tiring and overwhelming.

First, you need to make sure that you’re ready for the amount of work it will take to run two businesses at once.

Second, you need to know how much investment is needed for both businesses and where to get the money from such as loans or credit cards.

You also need to check if your local government has regulations regarding operating two or more business establishments in one building so you can be prepared with your paperwork and licenses.

The 5 Best Grooming Tips For Men

How’s your grooming game? Do you feel like you’re in the loop when it comes to all the latest trends and products? You might be surprised at how many men are just winging it when it comes to their appearance. We’ve got some great information for anyone looking to step up their grooming game!

We’ll tell you what we think are five of the best tips for any man looking to take care of themselves.

1. Get a haircut that suits your face shape

2. Keep facial hair trimmed and neat

3. Use a moisturizer to keep skin hydrated

4. Take care of your fingernails and cuticles with proper grooming tools

5. Wash hands regularly after touching dirty surfaces or using public transportation to avoid spreading germs to others, especially those who are more vulnerable than you like babies or elderly people in nursing homes

The most important thing to know when grooming is that your hair should always be styled so it’s neat and orderly. Your clothes, shoes, watch, belt – everything must match and complement each other well in order for you to appear put together. Be sure the fit of all your clothing isn’t too tight or loose. When dressing up for a date night or meeting with clients, make sure you wear something appropriate like slacks with a button-down shirt and tie (no t-shirts!).

Embroidery Skills Perfect for Men Working in a Barbershop

The fancy hairstyles you see on people’s hair is an acquired or an inborn creative art skill. Someone took his time to ensure their customers’ heads look pretty.

It takes skills, expertise, and creativity for your clients to appreciate their hair cuts. Some of them come with weird ideas; it’s upon you to hack it using what you know- best creativity skills.

As a man, you are judged by three things, your hair, shoes, and belt. They look at simple things, but they say a lot about you.

If you can blend the three with your casual or official wear, nothing can deter you from being a fashion star.

What makes you choose one employee for your barbershop and leave the rest?

  • Additional skills that support the business
  • Ability to work under pressure or minimum supervision
  • Personality, how well do they carry out themselves?
  • Interpersonal skills to attract and maintain customer loyalty
  • Can crack unique and complex hairstyles- a plus to your business

A successful barber must possess the following skills which come in handy to ensure they meet varied customer needs. They include

  • Hand sewing techniques
  • Knitting
  • Hand stitching
  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity
  • Modern stitching

Why is it important for barbers to learn embroidery?

1. Boosts one’s creativity skill

A barber with embroidery skills is an asset to your barbershop. Shaving, specifically men, need exceptional talent.

They come with weird designs that you even wonder how on earth does come up with such a plan.

However, you opened doors to your customers; they are right. You have to do as they want lest you close shop for lack of creativity.

To achieve this, you can’t go wrong with an employee with embroidery skills. Employees appreciate his many threaded options that create unique and excellent haircut designs. Imagine such a person as a licensed gun holder. You won’t be surprised if he makes a threaded enclose for the barrel.

2. Can handle DIY projects with ease

A barbershop requires a touch of fashion in its design. The worker with such a skill can make great table mats for the wooden furniture to your amazement.

You might even involve him in extending the skillset to handle your home DIY projects. Did you know that this alone is an attraction to customers?

 What else then do you need?

They extend their creative art skill to simple things like a money bank mat to ensure your safe has a touch of original art.

3. Can support interior decor goals

As a customer, what makes you get a haircut in one barbershop and not the rest. As much as we have diverse customer needs, one peculiar thing that attracts customers is

  • Comfort and peace
  • Level of hygiene
  • Interior deco arrangement
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to get a haircut of choice without errors

The comfort, peace, and harmony they get in the restaurant is a result of the furniture arrangement and the interior deco that comes with it.

Contracting an interior designer is not only expensive but also time-consuming. What if you have an interior designer as a worker?

He can’t afford to see things go out of hand.

During his free time, he will ensure he puts a touch on their creativity in the haircut business.

Take advantage of that and motivate him to get the best out of him.

4. Suits the taste of different customers

Have you explained the haircut you need and noticed the person standing behind you is hesitant about the process?

Most likely, yes, he understands how machines work, but he has no skill to produce that specific haircut.

5. Attracts customers increasing revenue

You only visit a barbershop where you are sure you get value for your money.

Although cost is a factor people consider when choosing a barbershop, there is a genre of customers who don’t value money but the service.

They can pay anything to get the best haircut. These are people who can travel miles to have a touch of perfection on their heads.

If you are to control a high market share in the fashion industry, value-added functions come in handy to create that leverage.

The competitive sector requires wisdom in all aspects of the business. Employees must understand their mandate and jurisdiction in the industry.

You as an entrepreneur, I spend sleepless nights thinking of how best to maintain customer loyalty.

Those are some of the reasons, embroider takes the lead in interviews for barber jobs.

How Hard Water Damage Your Manly Skin And How To Avoid It

The male skin is tough, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need care. After shaping your hair and your beards, you need a smooth skin to compliment it. With hard water, it is challenging to get that smooth and oily skin you need.

Hard water not only clogs pipes but also clogs the pores on your skin. When that happens, you end up with dry skin, and sometimes you might have breakouts.

If you have experienced clogged pipes and stained surfaces, you probably have hard water in your home. Hard water contains calcium, magnesium, and other mineral deposits. If the minerals can clog pipes, imagine what they will do to delicate skin. The good news is, you can prevent all that.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is any water with a high content of dissolved minerals. These are minerals that your body needs (although in trace amounts), so taking the water will not cause any adverse health effects to your body. However, the water leaves a residue on your dishes, your clothes, and your skin and hair.

How Does it Affect Your Skin and Hair?

As a man, you do not want something that messes up your hair. But when you use hard water, it leaves a buildup of soap residue. The residue clogs the pores on your skin, hindering the body’s ability to release natural oils. If the body cannot release natural oils, you end up with acne and eczema.

The salts also leave your skin feeling dry as it draws out the moisture from your skin. Dry skin makes you look old as it causes fine lines and wrinkles.

These are only short term effects. If you use hard water for a long time, the iron, calcium, and magnesium might lead to the formation of free radicals. These can break down collagen, which are the fibers that keep your skin firm. You can prevent all that by getting a sleek and compact water softener for use at home. The water softener doesn’t have to cost you much or take up unnecessary space in your home.

The hard water makes your skin sag and develops fine lines and wrinkles as the collagen breaks. It also aggravates conditions such as flare-ups and eczema. Sensitive skins will start experiencing these conditions earlier than normal skin.

In the short term, you will have dry, flaky, and itchy skin. Sometimes you will have breakouts. The water will also affect your hair, giving it a dull appearance that can give you an itchy scalp. If you do not want dry hair, avoid hard water.

Protect Your Skin and Hair

  • The easiest way to avoid hard water is to use a water softener at home. A water softener removes the minerals in the water, leaving the water soft and easy to rinse off. Modern water softeners are more efficient and only take up a small space in your home. They also come with an easy to read manual for easy installation.
  • Before you buy a water softener fit for your home, you need to use soap-free skin cleansers. These are gentle on your skin and do not leave residue on your skin.
  • Keep your shower short and avoid very cold or very hot water.
  • Use warm water when washing your face and avoid frequently washing it.
  • Avoid rubbing your face after cleaning it and instead dab it with a soft towel
  • Apply a moisturizing body lotion when the skin is still damp. This will help you trap the moisture to ensure the skin does not dry all day. If your skin is sensitive or dry, use fragrance-free moisturizers.

Test the Hardness of Water at Home

You can test your water at home to see how hard it is. Put water in a bottle and add a few drops of hand wash soap. Shake the bottle and observe the bubbles that form. If only a few bubbles form, then your water is hard. Add more drops and continue shaking. If the bubbles still do not increase, then your water is really hard. Sometimes the water turns cloudy instead of forming bubbles – another indication of hard water. 


Hard water may not cause any diseases, but it is not good on your skin, your hair, and your clothes. You, therefore, need to get a water softener to soften your water. You will not only have soft skin but also lengthen the life of appliances, clothes, and kitchen utensils.

7 Must-Owns for the Fashion-Savvy Modern Man Who Cares about His Looks

The modern man is more professional than ever. He cares about his looks from his hair down to his feet.


Aren’t the white collars times long gone?

As a professional man, what you choose to wear doesn’t just reveal your accomplishments, self-esteem, and diligence but also a success.

A modern man consistently yearns to attain his professional goals.


Nothing can come in his way to attaining success.

This kind of man is memorable, upscale, and stylish, atop being presentable. His looks from head to toe are to die for, revealing his determination and position in the society.

Although people say that what you wear doesn’t define you, everyone knows that every journey towards success begins with a sleek suit. And, almost always ends with a classic wristwatch.

A well-groomed job candidate is half-way to acing the interview, closing a deal of a lifetime, and winning new business for the company. Taking care of your looks is also fun and easy, and can be on-budget.

Here’re a few things every man needs to keep looking fresh, modern, and professional:

1. A two-piece suit

Every man needs a dark two-piece suit as the basis for a professional look. Whether you choose navy blue, black, matt or shiny, or dark grey, you’ll be able to pair your outfit with almost anything.

Complement it with a patterned tie, a vibrant pocket square, or a brightly colored shirt for a pop of color. Play with colors to get a bold look and feel when you want to stretch your safe color boundaries.

Not afraid of strong fashion statements? If yes, wear your two-piece suit with a chic turtleneck.

Alternatively, opt for a light two-piece suit for a dandy and daring look.

Want to get noticed on a sunbathed day? Let a pale blue, dove-grey, or chino two-piece suit color variant reveal your attitude and attire variety.

If you prefer a traditional pinstriped suit, freshen it up with bold colors such as white and tan. You’ll want to complete this hearty outfit with a white shirt and a grey or black tie.

Pair your chino suit with gingham or a darker shirt.

2. Tweed jackets

Tweed jackets are perfect for breezy autumns. Screaming European, offbeat, and more eccentric, tweed jackets feature all kinds of yarn color shades in their weaving. This makes it perfect for pairing with pants in one of the colors presented in the jacket’s woven fabric fibers.

Perfect for pairing with messenger bags and brogue boots, opt for:

  • Broken-check jackets
  • Glen-plaid jackets
  • District-check jackets

If you want an authentic look of a history professor, opt for a dark gingham shirt or one in any of the bold colors on the jacket.

3. A trench coat

A trench coat gives you a trim, handsome look in bad weather. The iconic clothing is stylish and elegant in a polished and subtle way.

Pick deep greens or reds, black, beige, or navy blue trench coats to pair with a luxurious scarf or shoes for a general themed look.

4. Power tools and a toolbox

A fashion-savvy man is also hands-on around the house. He owns a range of large and small power tools to help with quick fixes, DIYs, and repairs around the house, including clothing.

For instance, multiprocess welders with digital outputs can help fix broken metallic joints in your belts, shoe buckles, furniture, and other things around the house.

On the other hand, stick welders would be small enough to easily stow away in your toolbox when not in use.

Other tools every man needs include:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammers
  • Pliers
  • Nail drivers

5. A button-down shirt

Just like your dark two-piece suit, every classy man needs a purely white button-down shirt. Apart from going well with almost any suit, a white shirt adds to your casual appearance.

Wear your white button-down shirt with your favorite pair of jeans and accentuate it with a classic belt. Opt for a bow tie or suspenders to a bold fashion statement. For elegance and a trim look, opt for a plain white shirt you can pair with a V-neck sweater.

A white shirt is easy to buy, attractive, and quite practical.

Prefer a colored button-down shirt?

Consider a shirt with patterns, solid color tints, or multi-colors. Ranging from vibrant oranges to pale blues, pick solid colored shirts in any color of your liking. You can pair them with your darker suits for a creative look.

Gingham and polka dots are playful, while madras patterns are more exciting. If you want a trendy look, color block using colored shirts, you can easily wear it daily.

Wear your colored button-down shirt beneath your waistcoat and a tie for a complementary look.

6. A waistcoat

This piece of cloth is versatile and a must-own for every successful man. It’s the third piece in a black-tie suit. You can also wear them casually but in style.

Pair it with black loafers and tan pants, suede boots, and dark jeans, or a tweed jacket and formal pants. Wear your waistcoat to give your bohemian look a flamboyant touch.

Consider buying a costly waistcoat because it’s not something you’ll wear daily.

7. Dark jeans

Nothing beats the casual Friday look than wearing your favorite pair of jeans. Complement your look with dress shoes or laced-up leather boots for a relaxing look.

You can wear your shirts with almost anything and tuck them away. Wear a wide leather belt for a finished look. You can also let the leather belt hang loose for a relaxed look.

A pop of color or a pattern, a sweater or a blazer can beautifully round up your look, especially when paired with jeans.

You also need the following:

  • Black and brown leather shoes
  • A bag
  • A shaver
  • A tie
  • A leather belt and wallet
  • A watch

Extreme makeover Hardworking Welder’s

The kind of work dictates the kind of dressing. Welding is an artisan job that needs to have the right gear to prevent the body from injury in case of an accident. This does not mean that they cannot put on makeup behind the overall. The question here comes is the kind of makeup ideal for a welder. It has to be as comfortable as possible. It is not just makeup but also general body hygiene. A welder must be smart and neat such that when a client approaches him for some contract then the person behind the helmet is a preventable one. An untidy welder scares the customers away since the initial outlook matters a lot to make a client make the right decision which in this case is – winning the contract.

Even when it comes to…

the protective gear, a welder can choose one that fits with the shape of the head to make him look fancy but still does not compromise on the security. This includes the auto-darkening welding helmet. This is a gear designed to protect the head against any injury, the glass part is what one can use to make the welder fancy in his job. You have to get the right one based on your eye lenses. There are many tutorials on the internet on how to test the auto-darkening welding helmet.

Here are a few tips on how to test an auto-darkening welding helmet

· Use the sun to check the effect on different sun radiation rays
· Use different lenses on the helmet to get the most comfortable one
· Check on the sensitivity using the adjustable knobs
· Use the manual to test the reaction speed
· Look at the visibility of the lenses

Back to grooming for a welder- a welder needs to practice these grooming skills not only for the outward look but also to make him feel comfortable which further boosts his self-esteem and confidence levels.

All the body parts are eligible…

for grooming. Starting from the hair, the welder needs to keep the hair short such that it fits the helmets in addition to regulation of temperature. The finger toenails and the fingernails also need to be kept at a reasonable height so that they do not harbor germs that cause ailments. Oral hygiene is not left out either. The teeth need to be brushed daily. Sweating is inevitable for a welder, a deodorant that lasts longer helps to absorb the sweat smell allowing the welder to remain fresh at all times. Footcare is also essential for a welder, there should be fresh smell behind the boots such that even if they are to remove it abruptly, it does not confuse the room due to bad smell. Apart from this routine grooming activities, of a welder should bathe daily to be fresh in both body and mind. Female welders can go a notch higher and apply mild makeup that will enhance comfort. This is the time you visit a makeup artist to give you options on the best makeup to suit the job.

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