7 Must-Owns for the Fashion-Savvy Modern Man Who Cares about His Looks

The modern man is more professional than ever. He cares about his looks from his hair down to his feet.


Aren’t the white collars times long gone?

As a professional man, what you choose to wear doesn’t just reveal your accomplishments, self-esteem, and diligence but also a success.

A modern man consistently yearns to attain his professional goals.


Nothing can come in his way to attaining success.

This kind of man is memorable, upscale, and stylish, atop being presentable. His looks from head to toe are to die for, revealing his determination and position in the society.

Although people say that what you wear doesn’t define you, everyone knows that every journey towards success begins with a sleek suit. And, almost always ends with a classic wristwatch.

A well-groomed job candidate is half-way to acing the interview, closing a deal of a lifetime, and winning new business for the company. Taking care of your looks is also fun and easy, and can be on-budget.

Here’re a few things every man needs to keep looking fresh, modern, and professional:

1. A two-piece suit

Every man needs a dark two-piece suit as the basis for a professional look. Whether you choose navy blue, black, matt or shiny, or dark grey, you’ll be able to pair your outfit with almost anything.

Complement it with a patterned tie, a vibrant pocket square, or a brightly colored shirt for a pop of color. Play with colors to get a bold look and feel when you want to stretch your safe color boundaries.

Not afraid of strong fashion statements? If yes, wear your two-piece suit with a chic turtleneck.

Alternatively, opt for a light two-piece suit for a dandy and daring look.

Want to get noticed on a sunbathed day? Let a pale blue, dove-grey, or chino two-piece suit color variant reveal your attitude and attire variety.

If you prefer a traditional pinstriped suit, freshen it up with bold colors such as white and tan. You’ll want to complete this hearty outfit with a white shirt and a grey or black tie.

Pair your chino suit with gingham or a darker shirt.

2. Tweed jackets

Tweed jackets are perfect for breezy autumns. Screaming European, offbeat, and more eccentric, tweed jackets feature all kinds of yarn color shades in their weaving. This makes it perfect for pairing with pants in one of the colors presented in the jacket’s woven fabric fibers.

Perfect for pairing with messenger bags and brogue boots, opt for:

  • Broken-check jackets
  • Glen-plaid jackets
  • District-check jackets

If you want an authentic look of a history professor, opt for a dark gingham shirt or one in any of the bold colors on the jacket.

3. A trench coat

A trench coat gives you a trim, handsome look in bad weather. The iconic clothing is stylish and elegant in a polished and subtle way.

Pick deep greens or reds, black, beige, or navy blue trench coats to pair with a luxurious scarf or shoes for a general themed look.

4. Power tools and a toolbox

A fashion-savvy man is also hands-on around the house. He owns a range of large and small power tools to help with quick fixes, DIYs, and repairs around the house, including clothing.

For instance, multiprocess welders with digital outputs can help fix broken metallic joints in your belts, shoe buckles, furniture, and other things around the house.

On the other hand, stick welders would be small enough to easily stow away in your toolbox when not in use.

Other tools every man needs include:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammers
  • Pliers
  • Nail drivers

5. A button-down shirt

Just like your dark two-piece suit, every classy man needs a purely white button-down shirt. Apart from going well with almost any suit, a white shirt adds to your casual appearance.

Wear your white button-down shirt with your favorite pair of jeans and accentuate it with a classic belt. Opt for a bow tie or suspenders to a bold fashion statement. For elegance and a trim look, opt for a plain white shirt you can pair with a V-neck sweater.

A white shirt is easy to buy, attractive, and quite practical.

Prefer a colored button-down shirt?

Consider a shirt with patterns, solid color tints, or multi-colors. Ranging from vibrant oranges to pale blues, pick solid colored shirts in any color of your liking. You can pair them with your darker suits for a creative look.

Gingham and polka dots are playful, while madras patterns are more exciting. If you want a trendy look, color block using colored shirts, you can easily wear it daily.

Wear your colored button-down shirt beneath your waistcoat and a tie for a complementary look.

6. A waistcoat

This piece of cloth is versatile and a must-own for every successful man. It’s the third piece in a black-tie suit. You can also wear them casually but in style.

Pair it with black loafers and tan pants, suede boots, and dark jeans, or a tweed jacket and formal pants. Wear your waistcoat to give your bohemian look a flamboyant touch.

Consider buying a costly waistcoat because it’s not something you’ll wear daily.

7. Dark jeans

Nothing beats the casual Friday look than wearing your favorite pair of jeans. Complement your look with dress shoes or laced-up leather boots for a relaxing look.

You can wear your shirts with almost anything and tuck them away. Wear a wide leather belt for a finished look. You can also let the leather belt hang loose for a relaxed look.

A pop of color or a pattern, a sweater or a blazer can beautifully round up your look, especially when paired with jeans.

You also need the following:

  • Black and brown leather shoes
  • A bag
  • A shaver
  • A tie
  • A leather belt and wallet
  • A watch

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