How to Start a Barber Shop Business

barberbusinessStarting your own Barber Shop business is a huge decision. However, if you trust you can do a better job managing a barber shop business and reel in more customers, maybe it’s time take a chance and start the business. Dealing with any type of business requires commitment, time and energy, notwithstanding incredible sense of skills from staff and an interest in the business. A barbershop business is no different.

As we all know everyone needs a haircut once in a while. A successful barbershop can do well, even in a bad economy because there are always people who will require a hair cut hence the barber shop will not go out of business. When you start your barbershop business, it is relatively easy to maintain it. In this article we will look at How to Start a Barber Shop Business step by step.

5 Steps on How to Start a Barber Shop Business

Step 1: Have a research done of the legal requirement needed to open the barbershop

You should do a research on local legal conditions that you must meet to open a barbershop business. This is by paying the state government a visit or viewing their website. This would include the shop size, electric, equipment and plumbing standards. Contact the licensing department and learn the requirements for getting a permit for barber shop and obtain one. Serving coffee to your barber shop is definitely a great idea, you can have a talk with your customers as they sip their favorite coffee. To start with this you need to find the best coffee machine, buying the best single boiler semi auto machine online is way easier and saves time, check out the page as you can compared the top rated Jura espresso makers today!

Step 2: Make a financial plan for your Barber Shop business

Build up a business plan that that incorporates your future goals, start-up costs, details of operating costs, staff requirement, advertising costs, expected customer base and how you intend to compete. Additionally have funds to cover all the necessary start-up costs, including cash for the rent, supplies, equipment and wages. You may need to apply for a loan for your business if you may need a little boost. Stick your business plan all through to keep your barbershop on track.

Step 3: Locate a good place for your barbershop

Location is key to a having a successful barber shop business. Once you have found it work out terms for a rent with the help of a lawyer if need be. You can look for a location in near a shopping center or contact a commercial broker to do the work for you. Also do a research about other barber shops around to get a good idea of how they operate and how you can make yours to be better.

Step 4: Have the necessary tools and equipment required and hire employees

Buy all required hardware and supplies for your barbershop business and hire employees if you need to. This equipment may include workstations for every barber, styling seats, booster seats for children, dryers, seats for the waiting area, receptacle for towels, cabinet for supplies, front counter, floor mats, and so on. Also set up your telephone system and register. Address all safety, licensing and sanitation regulation and get your shop ready for an inspection.

Image is everything hence you need to hire good professional barbers. In the case of enlisting temporary workers, guarantee that they have liability- insurance coverage. Also encourage your staff members to be professional at all times.

Step 5: Do some marketing

Put your barbershop’s name out there by starting your barbers’ shop website, getting listed in local directories and have business cards. Also have a simple sign placed outside of your shop that is easy to read from a far. Offer discounts to your new clientele and encourage them to refer you to their friends and family if they are happy with you services and host a grand opening to mark the start of your business.


A barbershop business idea is an ideal option for anyone who wishes to start one. The above steps will guide you on your path to start your own barber shop business and remember to always compete by creating a friendly and inviting atmosphere to your customers.

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