Extreme makeover Hardworking Welder’s

The kind of work dictates the kind of dressing. Welding is an artisan job that needs to have the right gear to prevent the body from injury in case of an accident. This does not mean that they cannot put on makeup behind the overall. The question here comes is the kind of makeup ideal for a welder. It has to be as comfortable as possible. It is not just makeup but also general body hygiene. A welder must be smart and neat such that when a client approaches him for some contract then the person behind the helmet is a preventable one. An untidy welder scares the customers away since the initial outlook matters a lot to make a client make the right decision which in this case is – winning the contract.

Even when it comes to…

the protective gear, a welder can choose one that fits with the shape of the head to make him look fancy but still does not compromise on the security. This includes the auto-darkening welding helmet. This is a gear designed to protect the head against any injury, the glass part is what one can use to make the welder fancy in his job. You have to get the right one based on your eye lenses. There are many tutorials on the internet on how to test the auto-darkening welding helmet.

Here are a few tips on how to test an auto-darkening welding helmet

· Use the sun to check the effect on different sun radiation rays
· Use different lenses on the helmet to get the most comfortable one
· Check on the sensitivity using the adjustable knobs
· Use the manual to test the reaction speed
· Look at the visibility of the lenses

Back to grooming for a welder- a welder needs to practice these grooming skills not only for the outward look but also to make him feel comfortable which further boosts his self-esteem and confidence levels.

All the body parts are eligible…

for grooming. Starting from the hair, the welder needs to keep the hair short such that it fits the helmets in addition to regulation of temperature. The finger toenails and the fingernails also need to be kept at a reasonable height so that they do not harbor germs that cause ailments. Oral hygiene is not left out either. The teeth need to be brushed daily. Sweating is inevitable for a welder, a deodorant that lasts longer helps to absorb the sweat smell allowing the welder to remain fresh at all times. Footcare is also essential for a welder, there should be fresh smell behind the boots such that even if they are to remove it abruptly, it does not confuse the room due to bad smell. Apart from this routine grooming activities, of a welder should bathe daily to be fresh in both body and mind. Female welders can go a notch higher and apply mild makeup that will enhance comfort. This is the time you visit a makeup artist to give you options on the best makeup to suit the job.

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