The Shave Beverly Hills


The Shave Beverly Hills is a deluxe barbershop with a men’s club touch and retro vibe. We strive to help our clients get the best haircuts that bring out the “gentleman” in them. We offer a range of classic services under one roof, from haircuts to shoe shines and body massage. We combine a modern touch with a retro feel to ensure you are alpha satisfied and in touch with your true masculine identity. 

Our top hairstyle trends

There is no better time than “now” to don a new look. We have explored bolder cuts and styles to offer some of the best men’s looks you have seen in Beverly Hills and the world around. We have every stylish option that suits every hair type and length for a modern-day man, from short fades and disconnected undercuts to mid-length slicked back and quaff and long ponytails and top knots. 

To inspire you with top-rated ideas, we have the latest hairstyles and cuts for men. We ensure that our stylists include a range of long, medium, and short haircuts for men who may want to make a bold move with every hair style or length. 

The Shave Beverly Hills even have different types of trendy hairstyles for men with thin, thick, wavy, curly, and straight hair. Whether you yearn for a retro cut or a modern haircut, we have the hottest and trendy hairstyles for you. Here are some of our top choices.


We focus on classic and modern haircuts, body massage, and a shoeshine.  

We are located in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

Some of our popular and trending haircuts include the pompadour, quaff, fade, disconnected undercut, comb-over, and slick back.

The most manageable haircuts are crew cut, French crop, clean shave, and buzz cut.

Taking from the previous years, we would go with the messy or military ways. While some styles favor texture and long hair, others in these categories are all about no-messing buzz cuts and sharp short backs.