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January 2021

Embroidery Skills Perfect for Men Working in a Barbershop

The fancy hairstyles you see on people’s hair is an acquired or an inborn creative art skill. Someone took his time to ensure their customers’ heads look pretty.

It takes skills, expertise, and creativity for your clients to appreciate their hair cuts. Some of them come with weird ideas; it’s upon you to hack it using what you know- best creativity skills.

As a man, you are judged by three things, your hair, shoes, and belt. They look at simple things, but they say a lot about you.

If you can blend the three with your casual or official wear, nothing can deter you from being a fashion star.

What makes you choose one employee for your barbershop and leave the rest?

  • Additional skills that support the business
  • Ability to work under pressure or minimum supervision
  • Personality, how well do they carry out themselves?
  • Interpersonal skills to attract and maintain customer loyalty
  • Can crack unique and complex hairstyles- a plus to your business

A successful barber must possess the following skills which come in handy to ensure they meet varied customer needs. They include

  • Hand sewing techniques
  • Knitting
  • Hand stitching
  • Attention to detail
  • Creativity
  • Modern stitching

Why is it important for barbers to learn embroidery?

1. Boosts one’s creativity skill

A barber with embroidery skills is an asset to your barbershop. Shaving, specifically men, need exceptional talent.

They come with weird designs that you even wonder how on earth does come up with such a plan.

However, you opened doors to your customers; they are right. You have to do as they want lest you close shop for lack of creativity.

To achieve this, you can’t go wrong with an employee with embroidery skills. Employees appreciate his many threaded options that create unique and excellent hair cut designs. Imagine such a person as a licensed gun holder. You won’t be surprised if he makes a threaded enclose for the barrel.

2. Can handle DIY projects with ease

A barbershop requires a touch of fashion in their design. The worker with such a skill can make great table mats for the wooden furniture to your amazement.

You might even involve him in extending the skillset to handle your home DIY projects. Did you know that this alone is an attraction to customers?

 What else then do you need?

They extend their creative art skill to simple things like a money bank mat to ensure your safe has a touch of original art.

3. Can support interior decor goals

As a customer, what makes you get a haircut in one barbershop and not the rest. As much as we have diverse customer needs, one peculiar thing that attracts customers is

  • Comfort and peace
  • Level of hygiene
  • Interior deco arrangement
  • Excellent customer service skills
  • Ability to get a haircut of choice without errors

The comfort, peace, and harmony they get in the restaurant is a result of the furniture arrangement and the interior deco that comes with it.

Contracting an interior designer is not only expensive but also time-consuming. What if you have an interior designer as a worker?

He can’t afford to see things go out of hand.

During his free time, he will ensure he puts a touch on their creativity in the haircut business.

Take advantage of that and motivate him to get the best out of him.

4. Suits the taste of different customers

Have you explained the haircut you need and notice the person standing behind you is hesitant about the process?

Most likely, yes, he understands how machines work, but he has no skill to produce that specific hair cut.

5. Attracts customers increasing revenue

You only visit a barbershop where you are sure you get value for your money.

Although cost is a factor people consider when choosing a barbershop, there is a genre of customers who don’t value money but the service.

They can pay anything to get the best haircut. These are people who can travel miles to have a touch of perfection on their heads.

If you are to control a high market share in the fashion industry, value-added functions come in handy to create that leverage.

The competitive sector requires wisdom in all aspects of the business. Employees must understand their mandate and jurisdiction in the industry.

You as the entrepreneur, you spend sleepless nights thinking of how best to maintain customer loyalty.

Those are some of the reasons, embroider takes the lead in interviews for barber jobs.

How Hard Water Damage Your Manly Skin And How To Avoid It

The male skin is tough, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t need care. After shaping your hair and your beards, you need a smooth skin to compliment it. With hard water, it is challenging to get that smooth and oily skin you need.

Hard water not only clogs pipes but also clogs the pores on your skin. When that happens, you end up with dry skin, and sometimes you might have breakouts.

If you have experienced clogged pipes and stained surfaces, you probably have hard water in your home. Hard water contains calcium, magnesium, and other mineral deposits. If the minerals can clog pipes, imagine what they will do to delicate skin. The good news is, you can prevent all that.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is any water with a high content of dissolved minerals. These are minerals that your body needs (although in trace amounts), so taking the water will not cause any adverse health effects to your body. However, the water leaves a residue on your dishes, your clothes, and your skin and hair.

How Does it Affect Your Skin and Hair?

As a man, you do not want something that messes up your hair. But when you use hard water, it leaves a buildup of soap residue. The residue clogs the pores on your skin, hindering the body’s ability to release natural oils. If the body cannot release natural oils, you end up with acne and eczema.

The salts also leave your skin feeling dry as it draws out the moisture from your skin. Dry skin makes you look old as it causes fine lines and wrinkles.

These are only short term effects. If you use hard water for a long time, the iron, calcium, and magnesium might lead to the formation of free radicals. These can break down collagen, which are the fibers that keep your skin firm. You can prevent all that by getting a sleek and compact water softener for use at home. The water softener doesn’t have to cost you much or take up unnecessary space in your home.

The hard water makes your skin sag and develops fine lines and wrinkles as the collagen breaks. It also aggravates conditions such as flare-ups and eczema. Sensitive skins will start experiencing these conditions earlier than normal skin.

In the short term, you will have dry, flaky, and itchy skin. Sometimes you will have breakouts. The water will also affect your hair, giving it a dull appearance that can give you an itchy scalp. If you do not want dry hair, avoid hard water.

Protect Your Skin and Hair

  • The easiest way to avoid hard water is to use a water softener at home. A water softener removes the minerals in the water, leaving the water soft and easy to rinse off. Modern water softeners are more efficient and only take up a small space in your home. They also come with an easy to read manual for easy installation.
  • Before you buy a water softener fit for your home, you need to use soap-free skin cleansers. These are gentle on your skin and do not leave residue on your skin.
  • Keep your shower short and avoid very cold or very hot water.
  • Use warm water when washing your face and avoid frequently washing it.
  • Avoid rubbing your face after cleaning it and instead dab it with a soft towel
  • Apply a moisturizing body lotion when the skin is still damp. This will help you trap the moisture to ensure the skin does not dry all day. If your skin is sensitive or dry, use fragrance-free moisturizers.

Test the Hardness of Water at Home

You can test your water at home to see how hard it is. Put water in a bottle and add a few drops of hand wash soap. Shake the bottle and observe the bubbles that form. If only a few bubbles form, then your water is hard. Add more drops and continue shaking. If the bubbles still do not increase, then your water is really hard. Sometimes the water turns cloudy instead of forming bubbles – another indication of hard water. 


Hard water may not cause any diseases, but it is not good on your skin, your hair, and your clothes. You, therefore, need to get a water softener to soften your water. You will not only have soft skin but also lengthen the life of appliances, clothes, and kitchen utensils.

7 Must-Owns for the Fashion-Savvy Modern Man Who Cares about His Looks

The modern man is more professional than ever. He cares about his looks from his hair down to his feet.


Aren’t the white collars times long gone?

As a professional man, what you choose to wear doesn’t just reveal your accomplishments, self-esteem, and diligence but also a success.

A modern man consistently yearns to attain his professional goals.


Nothing can come in his way to attaining success.

This kind of man is memorable, upscale, and stylish, atop being presentable. His looks from head to toe are to die for, revealing his determination and position in the society.

Although people say that what you wear doesn’t define you, everyone knows that every journey towards success begins with a sleek suit. And, almost always ends with a classic wristwatch.

A well-groomed job candidate is half-way to acing the interview, closing a deal of a lifetime, and winning new business for the company. Taking care of your looks is also fun and easy, and can be on-budget.

Here’re a few things every man needs to keep looking fresh, modern, and professional:

1. A two-piece suit

Every man needs a dark two-piece suit as the basis for a professional look. Whether you choose navy blue, black, matt or shiny, or dark grey, you’ll be able to pair your outfit with almost anything.

Complement it with a patterned tie, a vibrant pocket square, or a brightly colored shirt for a pop of color. Play with colors to get a bold look and feel when you want to stretch your safe color boundaries.

Not afraid of strong fashion statements? If yes, wear your two-piece suit with a chic turtleneck.

Alternatively, opt for a light two-piece suit for a dandy and daring look.

Want to get noticed on a sunbathed day? Let a pale blue, dove-grey, or chino two-piece suit color variant reveal your attitude and attire variety.

If you prefer a traditional pinstriped suit, freshen it up with bold colors such as white and tan. You’ll want to complete this hearty outfit with a white shirt and a grey or black tie.

Pair your chino suit with gingham or a darker shirt.

2. Tweed jackets

Tweed jackets are perfect for breezy autumns. Screaming European, offbeat, and more eccentric, tweed jackets feature all kinds of yarn color shades in their weaving. This makes it perfect for pairing with pants in one of the colors presented in the jacket’s woven fabric fibers.

Perfect for pairing with messenger bags and brogue boots, opt for:

  • Broken-check jackets
  • Glen-plaid jackets
  • District-check jackets

If you want an authentic look of a history professor, opt for a dark gingham shirt or one in any of the bold colors on the jacket.

3. A trench coat

A trench coat gives you a trim, handsome look in bad weather. The iconic clothing is stylish and elegant in a polished and subtle way.

Pick deep greens or reds, black, beige, or navy blue trench coats to pair with a luxurious scarf or shoes for a general themed look.

4. Power tools and a toolbox

A fashion-savvy man is also hands-on around the house. He owns a range of large and small power tools to help with quick fixes, DIYs, and repairs around the house, including clothing.

For instance, multiprocess welders with digital outputs can help fix broken metallic joints in your belts, shoe buckles, furniture, and other things around the house.

On the other hand, stick welders would be small enough to easily stow away in your toolbox when not in use.

Other tools every man needs include:

  • Screwdrivers
  • Hammers
  • Pliers
  • Nail drivers

5. A button-down shirt

Just like your dark two-piece suit, every classy man needs a purely white button-down shirt. Apart from going well with almost any suit, a white shirt adds to your casual appearance.

Wear your white button-down shirt with your favorite pair of jeans and accentuate it with a classic belt. Opt for a bow tie or suspenders to a bold fashion statement. For elegance and a trim look, opt for a plain white shirt you can pair with a V-neck sweater.

A white shirt is easy to buy, attractive, and quite practical.

Prefer a colored button-down shirt?

Consider a shirt with patterns, solid color tints, or multi-colors. Ranging from vibrant oranges to pale blues, pick solid colored shirts in any color of your liking. You can pair them with your darker suits for a creative look.

Gingham and polka dots are playful, while madras patterns are more exciting. If you want a trendy look, color block using colored shirts, you can easily wear it daily.

Wear your colored button-down shirt beneath your waistcoat and a tie for a complementary look.

6. A waistcoat

This piece of cloth is versatile and a must-own for every successful man. It’s the third piece in a black-tie suit. You can also wear them casually but in style.

Pair it with black loafers and tan pants, suede boots, and dark jeans, or a tweed jacket and formal pants. Wear your waistcoat to give your bohemian look a flamboyant touch.

Consider buying a costly waistcoat because it’s not something you’ll wear daily.

7. Dark jeans

Nothing beats the casual Friday look than wearing your favorite pair of jeans. Complement your look with dress shoes or laced-up leather boots for a relaxing look.

You can wear your shirts with almost anything and tuck them away. Wear a wide leather belt for a finished look. You can also let the leather belt hang loose for a relaxed look.

A pop of color or a pattern, a sweater or a blazer can beautifully round up your look, especially when paired with jeans.

You also need the following:

  • Black and brown leather shoes
  • A bag
  • A shaver
  • A tie
  • A leather belt and wallet
  • A watch